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Our Clients

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Our work

wahl-o-mat case study
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3pc and Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
Smooth relaunch of Wahl-O-Mat to hundreds of thousands of devices
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govolunteer case study
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Releasing and developing the GoPlatform
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nature-meet case study
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Nature Meet
Building a scalable nature experience platform
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Rekoo Case Study
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A certified medical device app to support stroke recovery
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What we offer

Web Applications
Achieve your business goals with our responsive solutions designed with scalability and usability in mind. We focus on reducing unnecessary complexity to effectively address the real challenges faced by your business.
Cross Platform Applications
Opt for this solution if you need an application that caters to both iOS and Android devices, providing a rich array of features beyond the capabilities of a web application.
Headless E-commerce Stores
Headless e-commerce systems offer greater flexibility in design and user experience, allowing for seamless integration with various front-end frameworks and channels. Use one backend to drive your store on the web, mobile, and beyond.
AI & SaaS Integration Service
Sometimes, existing SaaS services need a little extra work to fit perfectly into your processes. We help you combine different services, like integrating dashboards to present complex data and leveraging the power of AI to improve your product or service.
Team Augmentation
Scale up your engineering bandwidth with our integrated teams. We rigorously vet our developers for their skills and communication style. Keep the flexibility of an agency while gaining team members that will feel like employees.
Consulting and CTO as a service
Get the technical roadmap you need to succeed. We provide guidance on tech stack selection, software architecture, and team setup. Particularly beneficial for early-stage startups who may not have the resources to hire a full-time CTO, or for businesses seeking intermediate replacements.

Streamlined engineering process

We deliver software that meets industry standards, thanks to our fine-tuned engineering process and frequent code reviews by our Berlin-based engineering leads. We apply best practices like high test coverage and automated CI/CD pipelines to ensure reliable and efficient code delivery.

Transparency at every stage

Hop on a video call with our engineering team before partnering with us, and stay in control during the project. We work with an agile setup that includes daily check-ins and bi-weekly demos. In addition, our engineering leads communicate weekly status updates to help you monitor your budget and progress. At every step, we assess risks together with you and transparently decide on the next course of action.

Harness our engineering leads' experience

You benefit from our engineering leads' years of experience working with successful startups, agencies, and SMEs. Our team has delivered over 20 projects on time and within budget in the last two years, bringing their expertise to your project.

Adaptability and easy contract terms

You enjoy maximum flexibility to scale up or down based on your needs, with the option to cancel on a one-month notice period. Our well-coordinated teams can start working with you in just one week.

Reduce costs with our efficient setup

In software development projects, about 20% of tasks require experience. That's why having access to an experienced engineer on your team can be a game-changer. Our flexible staffing model allows you to benefit from a lead engineer without the commitment of a full-time hire. In addition, by using cutting-edge technology and AI-augmented coding, we increase productivity by 55%.

The future of work is remote

Fast-growing companies cannot afford to limit themselves to local talents. We offer handpicked integrated teams that have a 100% time overlap with our partners in Rwanda and participate in daily scrum ceremonies.

Profit from Rwanda's buzzing startup scene

There is a massive untapped potential of talents in Africa. Rwanda especially makes headlines around the world with its ever-growing startup scene, catching the interest of big players like Volkswagen to invest in it. We partnered up with the best local engineers to help you build great software. Learn more about why we chose Rwanda and what makes it the perfect outsourcing location.

Meet our team

Jean Luc is a full-stack software developer who studied at Southern New Hampshire University and worked with different European, American, and African companies before joining codeshift. He is passionate about building up tech communities. In 2018 he co-started “SheCanCode”, a coding boot-camp for women. Traveling and playing video games are his favorite spare-time activities.


Jean Luc Abayo
Full Stack Developer
Ole started coding when he was 12 but studied Philosophy and Economics out of interest. Before founding Codeshift, he worked as Head of Software Development at Factory Berlin, Europe's biggest start-up community, where he built the engineering team from scratch. He loves everything related to the web, real-time systems, and graph databases.


Ole Spaarmann
Co-Founder & Tech Lead
Yannick is an experienced full-stack software developer who has been working within different tech teams across Europe and Asia. He is passionate about open source and has been pioneering a range of projects in Rwanda. In his spare time, he loves to share his experience and mentor young engineers within the Rwandan tech community.


Yannick Musafiri
Full Stack Developer
Ever since she was a teenager, Cates has been interested in the technologies behind websites and applications. This motivation led her to study computer science and work as a software developer. As a result, she has more than two years of experience with Java for native mobile development and JavaScript using React as a framework.


Cates Nsengiyumva
Frontend Developer


Eleasar is an entrepreneur and passionate coder with a focus on building and scaling digital solutions. Inspired by the Open Source community he loves to apply fresh ideas in product development and software architecture. He aims to contribute through Humane Technology and knowledge transfer.
Eleasar Werbitzky
Co-Founder & Lead Engineer


Jonathan is a software engineer specializing in Python and JavaScript, working with various tech companies worldwide. He loves challenging projects that require him to work outside of his comfort zone. In his free time, he learns new languages, reads JS books, and solves problems at codewars.
Jonathan Nshuti
Full Stack Developer


Prémices has a passion for leveraging technology to solve complex problems. With expertise in various areas of the industry such as LMS systems, trading platforms, edu-tech, and blockchain, Prémices brings valuable experience to the team. He strongly believes in the power of technology.
Prémices Kamasuwa
Full Stack Developer


Macheza Dzabala is a full-stack developer who brings his 6+ years of experience and passion for mobile app development to our team. With a focus on the Flutter framework, Macheza consistently delivers top-notch results for both front-end and back-end development.
Macheza Dzabala
Full Stack Developer


Alain is passionate about technology and making a positive impact. Proficient in both JavaScript and Python, he's a true team player, continually seeking ways to contribute and bring value beyond his coding skills. Alain's interest in learning and staying up-to-date with new technologies makes him a valuable asset to every team.
Alain Burindi
Full Stack Developer


Rimbert worked several years in a leading position developing Europe's biggest start-up community at Factory Berlin. Before starting Codeshift, he was the Managing Director of Mentor Verlag, one of Germany's fastest-growing publishing companies. With his positive attitude, Rimbert loves to motivate and empower his colleagues and friends.
Rimbert Richter
Co-Founder & Managing Director


Arsene is a passionate web developer with five years of experience designing, developing, and testing user interfaces. His technologies of choice are Gatsby and React. His mantra is: “Make it simple, but significant.” A credo that shows in his designs.
Arsene J. Karema
Frontend Developer


As the CTO of Awesomity Lab, his main job is to lead the team, identify growth opportunities, and monitor the latest technologies. As a software engineer, he has 5+ years of experience and ensures high implementation standards and systems’ architectural integrity. In his spare time, Yannick likes to play basketball.
Yannick Kabayiza
Backend Developer