Creating “Schutzkodex” website with a powerful CMS

Reporters Without Borders
React, Headless CMS
2 months

The organization

Reporters Without Borders is a nongovernmental organization that documents violations of press freedom and freedom of information worldwide and alerts the public when journalists and their staff are in danger. They advocate for more security and better protection for journalists. They fight online and offline against censorship, the use and export of surveillance technology, and restrictive media laws.

The challenge

Reporters without Borders and four other nongovernmental organizations created a “Schutzkodex” (code of protection), including standards for media houses and concrete safeguards to support journalists. They needed an interactive and modern website to communicate the code of protection. In addition, the content had to be editable via a CMS that is easy to use for non-technical users. And since a couple of large media organizations published the website simultaneously, it had to deal with significant traffic peaks on a small budget.

The solution

We implemented all requirements in time with a designer from our network and our team in Rwanda. We used Strapi, an open-source headless CMS, as backend, and NextJS, a state-of-the-art React framework, to build the frontend. We host the frontend on Netlify, the backend on Heroku, and images are optimized and delivered via a CDN by Cloudinary. Since NextJS offers hybrid static & server rendering, we can host the site for under 50 EUR a month and still handle traffic peaks.

Schutzkodex Website

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