Building a modern, innovative and secure club software

"Ole and Eleasar acted as mentors for our engineering team, were responsible for most of the software-architecture and helped us build the first version in record time."

Bodo Brockdorff, COO
Elixir, Javascript, React Native
5 months

The company

Kurabu is a modern, innovative, and secure club software. It combines powerful club management with a modern member platform. Kurabu helps sports clubs to manage their members efficiently, handle membership fees, plan training sessions, and build an online community.

The challenge

The Kurabu team decided to use Elixir with the Phoenix framework as their technology of choice. The main reason was the effortless and cost-efficient scalability, incredible tooling, and the fact that Elixir is a powerful language when it comes to real-time systems like messaging apps.

The solution

Since the engineering team of Kurabu had no prior experience in Elixir but consisted of mainly Ruby developers our first task was to mentor the team. We helped them with the main decisions regarding architecture, did pair programming sessions, and supported them to write well-structured, maintainable, and scalable code. At the end of our deployment, Kurabu had a highly productive Elixir team.

We supported the Kurabu team to build the MVP from scratch. This included a working solution for members and club admins. The MVP could handle member management, planning of training sessions, a chat, billing, payment and community features. It also powered a React Native app via a JSON API.

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