Helping founders to focus on what matters most

Mindfulness, Productivity
TypeScript, NestJS
2 months

The company

JRNY was launched to democratize coaching and help millions of people to lead their version of a meaningful, fulfilling life. Both founders experienced the challenge of focussing on the right tasks and setting clear goals. As a result, JRNY helps identify where they stand in life, set clear goals, and raise awareness of what matters most long-term. The app, which is currently exclusively tested with early adopters, uses a proven practice of goal setting based on decades of behavioral science and executive coaching.

The challenge

The JRNY team developed an approach to focus on important goals. Therefore they created a design and user experience. The challenge was to create a solid mobile app in a short time frame to gather experience with early adopters.

The solution

We chose TypeScript as backend technology and NestJS as a framework since it has a range of advantages for authentication, notifications, and configuration. The front-end was coded with flutter. Due to the choice of technology, we helped create the first version of the JRNY app in three month, which already helps a wide range of founders.

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