Developing new features and building a call center solution

"Codeshift has done a great job supporting Homeday both from an engineering and product perspective in helping to build and evolve our products."

Philipp Reichle, Co-Founder & Technical Fellow
Prop Tech
Ruby, Javascript, Python
22 months

The company

Homeday, founded in 2015, is one of the fastest-growing nationwide brokerage companies in Germany. Today, a team of 200 employees and more than 180 independent Homeday brokers accompanies real estate sellers and buyers in Germany through the entire brokerage process, from the intention to sell to the contract conclusion.

Challenges and solutions

We supported Homeday for over 18 months in several areas and worked closely with their engineering, product, and business intelligence teams. During this time, our team met many challenges and was an integral part of Homeday. Some of the main features we worked on:

First challenge: Preisatlas

„Preisatlas“, a service that Homeday offers potential customers. It uses a price estimation engine that is based on machine learning. It gives potential customers an easy way to get a feeling of how much their property is worth. It helps Homeday in their marketing efforts and is a crucial sales channel. The solution: We helped to improve the maintainability of existing code and sped up the deployment process. It meant that the machine learning experts could focus on their core tasks and new price models went online faster.

Second challenge: CRM system

As Homeday was growing, the number of customer requests increased significantly. Since most customer agents communicate via phone, the second challenge was implementing a CRM system for several teams. We helped to build a scalable call center solution and integrate it into the existing CRM. It improved the teams’ performance by introducing a caller queue and provided the employees with all the necessary information about the caller.

Third challenge: Listings

Listings on external platforms guarantee a high visibility for properties. However, managing these listings manually was a tedious and time-consuming job. The solution: We helped to automate the process of organizing thousands of listings on external services by introducing a microservice. The automation we built saved countless hours of employee time.

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