Building an app that powers traceable and sustainable supply chains

Supply chain management, Sustainability.
Mobile App Development: iOS / Swift
6 months

The company

Circulor uses blockchain and AI to cut the cost of traceability and due diligence in raw materials supply chains. Its pioneer customers include car manufacturers, EV battery manufacturers, commodity traders, and miners who collectively want to pioneer more effective approaches to responsible sourcing.

The challenge

One of Circulor's products is Prove, a native iOS, and Android app. It is used by on-premise workers to track supply chains, and it helps create reports on resources at chosen scan points. Resources are scanned using barcodes and enriched with data like tamper-proof GPS coordinates and on-premise photos. The form of the data is configured beforehand by associating it to scan points. Data entry forms are created and validated dynamically according to configuration. An essential feature of the app is offline & sync functionality for low-bandwidth situations.

The solution

We supported Circulor, implementing their solution for iOS using Swift. We worked together with developers from our partners in Rwanda. This enabled Circulor to build the app quickly and lower their development costs while supporting Rwanda’s local tech ecosystem.

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