Developing unique online stores to conquer new markets

Melitta 10X Innovation
Corporate Innovation / Consumer goods
Shopware, Javascript, GatsbyJS
8 month

The company

10X Innovation is the start-up incubator in the Melitta group of companies and sees itself as Melitta's innovation engine. Melitta is a traditional coffee company with more than 4.500 employees worldwide.

The challenge

The task of 10X Innovation is to conquer new markets with new themes. The division analyzes and concretizes promising product ideas and pushes them to market maturity. To achieve this, they need to quickly set up online stores with branding independent of the mother company.

The solution

We supported 10X Innovation for several months and helped them sell their products online. Our software engineers in Rwanda developed custom online stores for 10X Innovation, working with the designs that 10X Innovation’s marketing team created. The shops needed to be mobile-friendly, and most importantly: Integrated into the ERP of Melitta. This meant that the team could test new products under independent branding while still using Melitta’s logistical power. By working with our team in Rwanda, 10X Innovation could speed up its development process, move its IT infrastructure to a cloud-based, scalable solution, and cut its development costs.

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